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Always well connected

VOKA, Vogtländisches Kabelwerk GmbH, is a company rich in tradition. It was established in 1919 and has become a leading specialist in the production of telephone and communication cables over the history of cable industry.

VOKA is a medium-sized company with approx. 350 employees. Our affiliation to a leading German cable group supplements the advantages of a medium-sized company with the opportunities of a specialised group.

The supply programme includes telephone cables from in-house use up to LAN networks as well as underground cables of various types for long-distance and local networks, e.g. for German Telecom. Furthermore we manufacture signal cables for railroad operation and for monitoring and control of industrial plants. In addition to our core business our supply programme includes electronic and safety cables of various types and customised special cables. We use different materials like PVC, PE or PUR as well as halogen-free compounds for the production of these cables.

Depending on the construction we are capable of screening with copper or aluminium foil, copper wires etc., or we can, for instance, produce products with steel tape armouring. Steady quality is guaranteed by producing our own materials throughout the preliminary and final stages with wire drawing and granulating of synthetic materials. On the other hand, VOKA's manufacturing structure facilitates quick and flexible processing times.

VOKA has two production sites allocated to product line manufacturing in Plauen and Falkenstein. We are certified according to ISO 9001 and produce in compliance with VDE and UL as well as with standards and licenses of major customers eg German Telecom, German Rail, regulations regarding the technicalities of power plants, KNX etc.

VOKA’s primary objectives are satisfied customers and a high quality level of our products. Thereby we want to continue the company’s long-standing and successful traditions and also ensure secure jobs for our employees.


Plauen Plant 

Vogtländisches Kabelwerk GmbH

Breitscheidstr. 122
08525 Plauen

Phone: +49 3741 590-0
Fax: +49 3741 590-270



Falkenstein Plant 

Kabelproduktion Falkenstein GmbH

Dorfstädter Straße 10
08223 Falkenstein

Phone: +49 3745 780-60
Fax: +49 3745 5480



Vogtländisches Kabelwerk GmbH

Breitscheidstr. 122
08525 Plauen

Telefon: 03741 590-0
Telefax: 03741 590-280

E-Mail: voka@voka.de
Internet: www.voka.de

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